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Our services include a complimentary Game Console analysis with every completed repair job; in other words, we don’t believe in charging you extra just to identify the problem. Likewise, we don’t charge for Game Console repairs your console doesn’t need. Our goal is to save your data without breaking the bank.
We work hard to hire only the top Experts in the field. It’s important to us that we repair your console in an extremely timely fashion. Usually within 48-72 hours of receipt of your console. This is only possible due to the expertise of our experienced staff. Our Experts are trained specifically to troubleshoot and repair even the worst of damaged consoles. This gives us that needed edge over our competition. Ensuring that we are not only successful as completing your repairs in a speedy fashion but that the repairs themselves will last.
QuickFix is proud to have the highest success rate online for repairing all console types. The reason is simply our experience. When you have been doing these sort of repairs for over 10 years you have a tendency to become very effective at what your doing. That’s us in a nutshell. These days we are far beyond the trial an error stages of the repair process. We have fine tuned and protected our services over the years. This helps us ensure not only excellent customer service but that our expertise will give you repairs that last.
We know how important it is to remain in the loop about your consoles repair progress. You will receive an email as your console moves through the repair process. Allowing ou true relaiable expectations for when you’ll be back in the gaming seat or watching your favorite movie.
Outstanding customer service and top quality repairs. That’s what QuickFix is known for and what we continually deliver to our customers!
Great customer service is our guiding principle. Our goal is to deliver quality service while making the process fast and easy for our customers!

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